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Need for Jewish genetic screening expected to increase

JScreen, a national non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases, held a webinar with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven recently to highlight the importance and ease of genetic screening.  

“Many experts predict a baby boom in the wake of our country’s shelter at home orders, making this a perfect time to discuss the importance of genetic screening and the essential information that can be learned from our easy, safe and affordable at-home spit test,” said Robyn Teplitzky, New Haven native and JScreen representative. 

JScreen tests for genetic diseases by providing an at-home saliva test that gives couples planning for children an understanding of their own genetic makeup and risks relating to their children’s health. The program tests for more than 200 different genetic diseases.  

Today, it’s increasingly clear that Jews of all backgrounds, as well as interfaith couples, are at risk for having children with genetic diseases and should be screened for a panel of diseases impacting their communities. If genetic screening indicates that a person or couple’s risk is elevated, JScreen genetic counselors provide couples with options to help them plan for the health of their future children. Copies of test results are shared with the couple and their healthcare provider.

 For more information visit jscreen.org.

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