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Orthodox Union releases its ‘Guide to Passover’ 2021

(JNS) The Orthodox Union has released its annual “Guide to Passover,” which provides comprehensive guidance about kosher-for-Passover products. 

This year’s edition, available in both PDF and online database formats, features nearly 30,000 kosher-for-Passover products and charts on ingredient substitutions, halachic times for Passover, required portion sizes at the seder and directions on the “Counting of the Omer” (Sefirat HaOmer). The guide also includes instructions on holiday preparation, articles on spices and how to celebrate Erev Pesach on Shabbat HaGadol (which will take place this year on March 26-27) and the impact of shemittah on the Diaspora, which will affect the next two Passovers.

Rabbi Moshe Elefant, who oversaw the creation of the guide, said “we have paid particularly close attention to digitizing the guide over the past few years to make it available on their smart devices as they shop.”

The database, as well as the 118-page PDF, is available at oupassover.org. 

Main Photo: The cover of the “Guide to Passover,” produced by the Orthodox Union. Screenshot

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