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Syrian treated in Israel comes with doctor’s note

( A severely wounded Syrian rebel carrying a note from a Syrian doctor who treated him was transferred to Israel’s Ziv Hospital in Safed for treatment on Tuesday, June 11, Israel Hayom reported. Ziv Hospital has treated 20 Syrians since the onset of the Syrian civil war. The Syrian doctor wrote: “To the honorable surgeon, hello, the patient is 28-years-old, was wounded by a bullet that struck him the chest, causing broken ribs, and fragments have damaged the liver and diaphragm… The doctors believe the abdominal surgery is required to analyze the state of the liver and to remove the pressure bandage. Please do what is required and thank you in advance.”

Ziv Hospital Director Dr. Oscar Ambon said, “A civil war is a complicated thing, and it should be noted that despite being portrayed as their enemy, the rumors that one can get good medical treatment in Israel are spreading by word of mouth.”

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