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Pro-Corbyn pol says Jewish lawmaker slept her way into parliament

(JTA) – A supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain’s Labour Party, and aspiring candidate for parliament wrote that a female Jewish lawmaker’s career owed to her sleeping with Tony Blair’s son. The far-left political activist David Lindsay wrote his theory on Twitter Thursday, Sept. 5, after lawmaker Luciana Berger, who last year left Labour over antisemitism, announced that she is joining the centrist Liberal Democrats party.

“In the last, decadent days of New Labour, #LucianaBerger was given a safe seat in return for taking the virginity of #TonyBlair’s eldest son. Yes, really. Oh, well, off to the #LibDems she now goes,” he wrote. Labour politician Tony Blair was prime minister for 10 years until 2007. Lindsay, who is running for election ostensibly as an independent candidate representing the north English constituency of North West Durham, has called for “visits” by Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorists to the homes of members of a government watchdog group conducting an inquiry into antisemitism within Labour. In 2016, Lindsay wrote on Twitter that he has been banned for life from Labour.

Several high-profile individuals criticized Lindsay’s tweet about Berger.

Michael Cashman, a former Labour European Parliament member who resigned from the party in May, citing antisemitism, among other reasons, tweeted: “People like you make me realize that the Labour Party really has downgraded.”

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