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Hebrew Book Fest comes to Zoom

Israelis in CT is sponsoring the first virtual Hebrew Book Fest. Modeled after the Israeli Shvua Hasefer Haivri (Hebrew Book Week), the all-Hebrew event that is running now through June 8. Scheduled are sessions for adults and children. Knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Israelis in CT also offers a Hebrew Conversation Group for novice Hebrew speakers. All levels welcome. 

To register and for Zoom links, or to find out more about Hebrew programs, contact Israelis in CT at israelisinct@hotmail.com. 

For adults:
Creative Story Telling: How to tell and write a good story
Monday, June 8, 8 p.m.
This session will cover the elements required for taking a simple incident and turning it into an interesting storyline.

For children:
Bedtime story, nightly at 7:30 p.m.
Stories are read in Hebrew
Schedule of stories:
Tuesday, June 2: Alef-Beit Yoga with Yael
Wednesday, June 3: Hanan Haganan, read by Lilach
Thursday, June 4: Tell Me What’s Your Name, read by Tikva.

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