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Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Unveils the School’s New Administrative Team

Rabbi Tzvi Bernstein, who currently serves as Dean of Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut (BCHA), has been appointed BCHA Interim Head of School, and Rachel Haron, currently the school’s Lower School Principal, has been named Interim Associate Head of School, it was announced by David Pitkoff, President of the BCHA Board of Trustees.

Along with these appointments to the school’s top administrative team, Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld, who serves as Middle School Principal of Manhattan Day School, as well as assistant rabbi at Manhattan’s Lincoln Square Synagogue, has been appointed Bi-Cultural’s new Head of Judaic Studies for preK through grade 12.

The new team will take over leadership of the school on August 1, when long-time Head of School Jacqueline Herman steps down from her post. During the transition period, Mrs. Herman will serve as an advisor to both Rabbi Bernstein and Mrs. Haron, as well as the Board.

“From the beginning of our search for a new Head of School, we pledged to continue the search until we found the right candidate who would elevate our school and make a difference,” Mr. Pitkoff said, in announcing Rabbi Rosenfeld’s appointment and the new make-up of the top administrative team

Though the Search Committee first looked outside the school for someone to fill Mrs. Herman’s shoes, said Mr. Pitkoff, they ultimately realized that, along with the hire of Rabbi Rosenfeld, the perfect fit for Bi-Cultural lay within the school’s own walls. 

“There were other candidates available, but as we started to consider our options, we quickly focused on the stars in our own school – our own highly qualified and experienced academic leadership team, who have already displayed an unparalleled commitment to excellence and the success of every one of our children,” wrote Mr. Pitkoff in a letter to the community. “In the end, none of the candidates available could match the quality, commitment, and excellence of our current administrators.” 

The in-house to administrative team – which also includes Upper School Principal Rabbi Shimmy Trencher and Middle School Principal David Giver, will be immeasurably enhanced by the addition of Rabbi Rosenfeld, said Mr. Pitkoff. 

Previously, Rabbi Rosenfled also served on the faculty of SAR High School. 

“Rabbi Rosenfeld brings a wealth of knowledge, talent, enthusiasm, and ruach to his new position,” said Mr. Pitkoff, adding that as an educator, Rabbi Rosenfeld “was known for the energy and excitement he brought to his classroom and the impact he had on teaching his students. When someone of Rabbi Rosenfeld’s caliber became available, we knew we had to seize the opportunity.”

Noting that Rachel Haron will be the first Bi-Cultural alumni to serve as Associate Head of School, Mr. Pitkoff said, “As someone who has worked closely with both Tzvi and Rachel these past five years, I can attest to their commitment to academic excellence in both general and Judaic studies, the strong academic and leadership experience they bring to the task, and their commitment to filling the halls of our school and the hearts of our children with joy, and a love of learning. 

“Rabbi Bernstein and Rachel Haron, along with Rabbi Rosenfeld, Rabbi Trencher and David Giver, deserve our support and appreciation for enriching our children’s lives with a joy of learning and educational excellence that are the hallmark of a Bi-Cultural education.”

Main Photo: Rabbi Tzvi Bernstein

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