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Dani Luv, the schticky entertainer at Sammy’s Roumanian, is back

(New York Jewish Week) – Sammy’s Roumanian, the one-of-a-kind Lower East Side Ashkenazi restaurant that’s been described as “a dark and dingy place” where “every night was a bar mitzvah,” has been sorely missed by many New Yorkers since it shuttered its doors for good in January 2021. Former customers may find themselves longing for its chopped liver, prepared tableside with schmaltz and crispy onions, or lovingly recalling raucous evenings fueled by bottles of vodka served on ice. But if you’re feeling nostalgic for the musical stylings of Dani Luv – the man who entertained Sammy’s diners nightly for more than 20 years with schticky songs like “Hey Jew,” a take on the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” – you’re in luck: Luv will be back on stage this very Friday night in the East Village.  Luv will be performing at the after-party for “The Comedy ‘CLUB,’” a comedy show featuring an all-Jewish lineup presented by Lil’ Fish Comedy. Its producer, Ali Fischbein, hopes that, with Luv on board, the evening will devolve into the kind of party-like-we’ve-just-arrived-from-the-Old World balagan that made Sammy’s Roumanian famous. 

Fischbein, 27, began producing comedy shows during the pandemic – her first few were held in an alleyway and served as fundraisers for the Sixth Street Community Center, which had become an emergency food distribution center during the early months of COVID-19.

Main Photo: Dani Luv performed at Sammy’s Roumanian six nights a week for more than twenty years. He plans on returning the Sammy’s stage if and when the steakhouse reopens. (Courtesy)

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