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Ayeka launches FREE Jewish learning program 

JERUSALEM – Ayeka, Center for Soulful Jewish Education, is excited to announce the launch of its individualized learning program, “Becoming a Soulful Individual.” This unique, free, online learning program is designed to support both educators and individuals looking to deepen their understanding of Jewish holidays, rituals, or simply to explore what it means to be a Jew, in the comfort of one’s own home or classroom.

Offered as part of Ayeka’s suite of soulful education programming, Becoming a Soulful Individual joins Becoming a Soulful Educator and Becoming a Soulful Parent to offer educators access to inspiring new content for their classrooms, and for individuals to enrich their lives by including Jewish learning in chevruta (shared learning with a friend). No previous knowledge required.

Founded in 2006, Ayeka’s mission is to provide teachers, Jewish professionals, and parents with tools to bring Jewish wisdom from the mind to the heart into life and to make text study a personally relevant, meaningful, and life-impacting experience. 

For more information, contact Leora Niderberg, Ayeka’s BSI Director, at leora@ayeka.org.il, or visit www.ayeka.il.

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